Saturday, 14 March 2015

The same but different

I've now painted the other chair that's the same as the chair I sit on at my computer, but as I said in a previous post it was going to be a different colour.

I have a pine bookcase in the room that has been painted duck egg blue and my fireplace wall has been painted in this colour too, but with a gradient starting dark at bottom and gradually getting lighter towards the ceiling. I find this quite a calm cool colour and as I wanted my desk and chair to be bright and the statement pieces of furniture in the room I decided to paint the other chair duck egg blue.

It seems to work, what do you think?

I also added the same script paper circles to the back of the blue chair.

Quite a change from how these 2 chairs started out

I'm now on the look out in the local charity shops for a couple more chairs to put around my work/dining table. Once I have these the table and chairs will all get a wee lick of paint too. I'd like another pair of chairs but they don't have to be like the pair of chairs I already have........ Dare to be different :)

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