Wednesday, 13 July 2016

and still it rains.....

Where is our summer? We seem to be getting rain every day! Today is quite warm but we are still getting the odd rain shower, in fact it's absolutely bucketing down the noo. So today like many before, I am working in the garden when it's dry then running into the house to work when it rains. The weeds are loving this warm weather and rain though!

Work on the log cabin continues and we are slowly getting near to total completion. Last week I was half down painting one of the sides when the heavens opened and as I sheltered in the greenhouse I could of cried as I watched my hard work run down the side of the cabin wall. I eventually got the whole of the outside painted but it needs another coat, I just need a day of no rain to do it.
We now have insulation down on the floor and the last of the floorboards are going down tonight, so I will soon be varnishing a floor.

I received a couple of car stickers and postcards to start advertising NEOS 2016, so my car now sports a sticker in the back window. I'm getting excited and nervous about being part of this event and really need to find time to get creating some new artwork. 

Last week while nipping in and out of the house between rain showers I decided to give my wee egg safe a makeover. I've had it for a few years now and was getting bored of the cream colour. I had a tester pot of green emulsion, but it was not the green I wanted. I just mixed some acrylic paints into it until I got a colour I was happy with and it goes well with my light green kitchen wall (hard to see in pic). I couldn't find sand paper so used a nail file to rub off some of the paint on the edges and then gave it a wax. the wooden bead that is the wee door knob was then painted a deep dark red. I love it, it looks so much better sitting in my kitchen now.

...... and finally here is some summer colour, covered in rain drops. Beautiful red lilies that grow in the garden at the back of the log cabin. At the end of the season I'm going to have to split these so I can have some planted in the garden so I can see them so I can see them while I work in the cabin.

How has your weather been, are you having a summer?

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