Tuesday, 21 April 2015

A week of bargain finds

Everyone loves a bargain and everyone that knows me knows I really really love a bargain. This has been a great week of bargains for me.

It all started when our neighbour needed some rubbish taken to our local Recycling Depot, so he and my OH loaded the pick up and off they went. They returned with a garden bench that matches the one we have already, it just needs a clean, a lick of paint and some Danish oil, which we already have, so cost = 0

As decorating of the guestroom is just about complete a trip to one of my favourite local charity shops was called for in the search for a chest of drawers. I couldn't believe my luck when I walked in and there was this lovely big old pine chest of drawers that just needed a good clean and a coat of wax. It couldn't fit into the room any better, I just love it, even though this cost £50 it's still a bargain, it's solid and has a lot of life left in it and I couldn't buy a new chest of drawers like this for that price :)

At the same charity shop I saw a pair of cream lined curtains for £6, but as we were going to do some shopping and pick the chest of drawers up on our way home I thought I'd wait and buy them then. 
When we went back to pick up the chest of drawers the curtains were gone!

Lesson learned here - if you see a bargain buy it there and then!

While the Chest of drawers was being loaded onto the pick up I dug a little deeper in the corner of the charity shop, then realised I wasn't meant to get the cream curtains because I'd just found brand new, still in packaging, lilac lined curtains for £10, I instantly knew these would go perfectly with the wallpaper in the guestroom.

Lesson learned here - dig deeper and you may find an even better bargain!

I also picked up 3 feather filled cushions with cream textured fabric covers for a £1 each

The room is really starting to come together now. I found tie back hooks in a box where we just keep stuff that we might need one day, so I'm on the look out now for bargain tie-backs for the curtains or I might make them. I'm also on the look out for a purple cushion and at last the bed is built.

Then to round off the bargain week, we popped into another charity shop yesterday as we were passing, where I got a telescopic monopod for my camera for £1 and 2 little ducks (which I wasn't really needing, but I liked them) to sit on the little shelf on my dresser for 50p

All in all its been a great week of bargains, a few sunny days, even had our first bbq and the swallows are starting to come back so summer is definitely on its way :)

How has your week been?

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