Sunday, 26 April 2015

A wee lampshade make-over

I've had this lamp for a good few years now, bought it from Asda for about £5.  The original base was ceramic but this accidently got smashed so my OH turned a new base out of yew, which I love. The cream lampshade was looking a little grubby and tired so I was going to look out for a new one to buy......

 .... but then I thought why buy a new one, I've got emulsion let's try a thin coat of paint on it.

I unscrewed the lid off a bottle, popped the lampshade onto the bottle neck and screwed the top back on, this gave me something to hold onto and turn the lampshade while painting but it also was a good place to leave the lampsheade while the paint dried.

Time to start painting............

While the paint was drying I cut a strip of the wallpaper I used in the guestroom, because this is where the lamp is going.

Using wallpaper paste I carefully stuck the wallpaper around the lampshade. 

Voila! a wee lampshade make-over that hasn't cost me a penny :)

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