Friday, 6 March 2015

We now have.....

....... new drains :) yippppeeeeeee

Exciting stuff eh! :) it's the simple things in life that make me happy. Keeping my fingers crossed this keeps all the water away from the crofts walls. The pipe on the left is perforated and should catch any water that soaks down through the ground.

The Estate workers have now covered the pipes with hard core and will be back (maybe Tuesday) to cover this with a layer of pea gravel, this makes me happy as it will tidy up the back of the croft.
I'm not so happy about finding out the Estate will not be building a new retaining wall to keep the higher ground level back, the ground is just getting left sloped! Not even a gentle slope but quite a steep one, I've placed my recycle bin (41cm high) in the photos above to give an idea of the difference in height of the ground levels.
I feel that the slope is too steep and when it rains..... and we get a lot of rain.... the earth will eventually just get washed down  onto where the gravel is going to be.
Oh well! we will just have to wait and see how this fairs with the weather and 2 dogs running around.

Now the new drains are in I feel more confident about getting on with my decorating inside. Hoping to have my computer/art/craft/dining room (multi-function room) finished over the weekend. Then I will be back to posting design, craft and upcycling related posts on my blog.

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