Thursday, 5 March 2015

Before the mini digger arrived..

.... the back of the croft looked like this.

Yesterday morning the Estate sent a few workers with a mini digger to remove the old concrete path, broken retaining wall and some earth to see if they can figure out where the water is coming from that is causing my back wall to be damp. A few months ago the Estate had put in a field drain in the back garden, but this doesn't seem to be working.

By the end of the day the back of the croft looked like this!

Sam wanted to investigate what the workers had been doing all day.

There seems to be a lot of broken pipes, were these broken already? or did the mini digger break them? Is this the cause of the damp? The blue pipe is the water pipe repair that had to be done when the water pipe burst when the field drain was being put it :)

So the ditch at back of the croft is now filling up with water! By the end of the day there was 4 workmen and someone out from the Estate Office standing, talking and scratching their heads.
I'm hoping they will be back today (as they never tell you what's happening) and fingers crossed they have a plan of what they are going to do next to solve this problem.

Hopefully this will be sorted as soon as possible because the Estate has already repaired the wall inside the croft so I could start to decorate.

Looking forward to a drier future :)

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