Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A Wee Photography Experiement

Yesterday in my Facebook news feed one of Facebooks suggested posts appeared about homemade photography filters. Wish I could find the link now, but if I do I will post it here. One of the homemade filters was to put cling film over your camera lens and make a split in it. Sounded interesting and easy enough to do, so I thought I would give this a try.

Sam my pup was long over due a wee photo session, but he definetly is not the easiest of models to capture, he never sits still long enough and he wants to come right up to the camera to investigate whats going on.

Below are the some of the results of this wee experiement, photos taken in the house and using the sunlight coming through the window..... yes I did say sunlight.... the sun actually made a short appearence here in Scotland yesterday morning :)

This worked on this photo and gave it soft edges

It didn't work so well on this photo, not sure what happened here, but I like this photo of Sam.

Soft edges on this one too. I think I will be trying this technique again

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