Friday, 28 September 2012

since my last post a........

...... lot has happened. I no longer live in a croft in the beautiful countryside of Aberdeenshire, I have moved back to Fife to be nearer my family. I have also started back at college where I'm studying Computer Arts and Digital Design, some of my college creations can be seen here on my Flickr page. I've also bought my very first car and am slowly getting used to driving it.

Settling into my house and got some decorating to do to make it feel like my home, but loving being back in Fife. I am bored of my old pine furniture and being a skint student can't afford new stuff so I have started on a big make over. So far my old pine hi-fi cupboard has been beautified and my old coffee table. The cupboard has been painted in Duck Egg Blue and slightly distressed, then behind the glass is a collage I created on a piece of cardboard box. The handles have clock faces on them which I printed off then stuck to the old pine handles and gave them a couple of coats of varnish.

The coffee table was a car boot buy about 20 years ago and cost £5 and it has had a few makeovers in its time. It's legs have been given a new coat of paint and lightly distressed and the top now has a large piece of torn old ordnance survey map on it, which cost me 70p from Ebay.

I tore the map just smaller than the table top and glued it down with pva glue. The were a few bubbles and the folds of the map didn't lie completly flat, so once it was dry I gently rubbed it with fine sandpaper which gave it some worn areas and helped the torn edges blend into the table top. A couple of coats of acrylic varnish and now when I sit and have a coffee I can see where I used to live and all the places I used to visit.

I'm on the look out now for a cheap pine dresser to give the shabby chic treatment to, as I sadly had to leave my dresser behind when I moved. I've seen a couple but they just weren't what I'm looking for, the right one will come my way eventually.
I have also added a few more printable digital downloads to my online shop the latest of which is a Vintage Stars and Stripes Bunting for Thanks Giving and Tag Sheet. The wording on the bunting can be changed, just contact me.

hopefully I will be blogging more frequent again soon lol 

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