Wednesday, 28 December 2011

When snowflakes turn out to be....

.... stars!!!! How can that be? While doing my grocery shopping online befor Christmas I noticed Asda had some snowflake decortions at a very reasonable price so I added them to my order. My order was delivered but the snowflakes had sold out so they substituted them with star decorations. When I saw them they were the most hideous dark glittery stars I have ever seen, so a quick soak in water and the glitter was removed revealing a grey plastic star, so out came the old torn book pages and the glue and I covered the stars. I then rubbed a red ink pad along the edges and the raised centers, now I had stars that were more to my liking.
This got me thinking about what else I could make as Christmas decorations as Christmas was looming ever nearer, but I didn't want to spend much so off I went out into the old sheds to see what I could find.........
I put these finds together with a poinsetta, one of my stars, a couple of candy canes and a wee spray of fake snow and voila.....a festive display to sit in the corner of my hall. With the freshly cut pine logs there is a lovely smell as you enter the croft asthey start to dry out ready for the fire.

This just left the fireplace to be decorated, I usually make a very traditional holly and ivy garland, but this year I wanted something just a little different. I still made a quite traditional display of some spruce and pine foliage and cones which I gathered while out walking the dogs after a storm. I wrapped a cyclimen in a pot in tissue paper to match the tea light lanterns I made a couple of days ago. I then used a deers antler to hang a couple of stars and sparkly decorations from.  To tie in with the old book page stars I used a 1" punch to cut lots of circles which I just stitched together on my sewing machine to make a paper chain to drape over the mirror.

To finish the fireplace off I filled a jar with more pine foliage, glued some cones to wire and arranged in the foliage. I then placed this in a basket and added a few logs and cones to hide the jarand another wee spray of fake snow. The only trouble is Shug, one of our dogs, has taken a liking to chewing the cones, so I am forever having to replace cones in the basket :-)

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and you are all looking forward to the New Year.

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