Tuesday, 12 June 2007

The 4 men in my life....

While going through my computer tidying up, I came across this photo of my husband, oldest son and grandson. Three generations, who had all just had the electric razor over their heads. Not by myself I might add, it was all my sons doing. A bunch of baldies!!!

My son being the individual and trend setting person that he is decided to leave a stripe of hair on his head. He does have more hair now, but one half is brown and the other bleached blonde. He just likes to be different. My grandson also now has a full head of beautiful natual blonde hair.

I know the title says 4 men and there is only three in this photo............but I couldn't leave my other son out so here he is.......... This photo was taken just over a week ago and my lovely grandson is in this too with his blonde hair. I am so proud of all my men and my daughter too, who's photo will be added on another day.

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