Thursday, 9 February 2017

New Grandson and Name Doodle

It's been a while since I last blogged but I've just been so busy with this and that...... I also started to type this post in December and it is now February!!!!....I'm such a bad blogger lol..........

One of the most exciting and amazing things to happen in the last wee while has been the birth of my new grandson Tommy, who arrived in time to celebrate Christmas with his family.

Tommys arrival meant it was time for me to go visit all my family for a few days and meet my new grandson, who is just so adorable. I had lots of granny hugs with all my grandchildren, love them all to bits.

I was so disorganised this year for Christmas that I did most of my shopping while on my visit so I could leave all their Christmas pressies ready for them to open on Christmas Day. I also finished off a name doodle that I had started for Tommy, I had to wait for him to be born so I could fill in his name, date of birth and time.  Tommys doodle features Humpty Dumpty, I totally enjoy doing these doodles, I find that I lose myself in them and it's quiet relaxing........I will be doing more of them :)

My doodles come alive when I get my watercolours out and start to add some colour.

To complete the doodle I framed it in a white square box frame.

Before I created Tommys Humpty Dumpty doodle I created an Owl and a Pussy Cat doodle, I have put it somewhere safe and can't find it. When I discover where this safe place is I will post a pic of that doodle too. i have plans to create more of these nursery rhyme doodles.

Wht Nursery Rhyme should I do next?

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