Friday, 10 June 2016

CRAFTfest & Swallows

CRAFTfest is now officially open and will be open from 10th - 12th June pop over and view all the virtual stalls, you can find me in the Artwork section.

There's so many clever creative people selling their lovely creations this weekend so it is well worth popping over for a wee browse, you never know you might discover that little something that you just really need to have in your life :) or that special gift for someone close to you. There's far too many virtual stalls to list here, but there is everything from jewellery, wood crafts, artwork, greeting cards, crochet & knitting, bathroom & soaps, weddings, bags, craft supplies and so much more. Get yourself settled down with a cuppa or glass of wine (depending on time of day lol) and take a look.

I hope all my fellow CRAFTfesters have a fun and rewarding weekend :)

My digital art has taken a bit of a back seat for a while due to some technical issues but everything is sorted now so watch this space for a new digital creation coming soon. While the sun has been shining I, with much help from my OH, have been working on the big garden makeover and my new creative space. I will post more about that with pics when it is all finished though.

I found an old piece of wood in the barn and was totally inspired to get my paints out and create a wee mixed media artwork (aprox 23" x 5 3/4"). This was a painting that appeared intuitively and naturally, there was no plan apart from I wanted a swallow in it, as there are so many flying around the croft and nesting in the outbuildings

Well I ended up with 3 and then I had to think of a title. 

This is when I discovered that the swallow is a very symbolic wee bird.......It is said that if a sailor drowns the swallows will carry their soul to heaven. the swallow also represents love, care and affection towards family and friends, showing the loyalty of the person always returning to them. The bird also represents freedom and hope.

So I've called it Arise My Soul

Here's a wee video of one of the many pairs of swallows nesting in our outbuildings, it won't be long now till we have lots of young flying around too

Hope to see you all at CRAFTfest and enjoy your weekend :)

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