Wednesday, 29 June 2016

A Log Cabin is born

We had been planning on building a wee summer house in the garden this year, so we have somewhere sheltered that we could enjoy the garden and the amazing view we have on those not so sunny summer days. It could also be a creative space for myself and my OH, who plays traditional flute and 4 string banjo. After looking online at summer houses our plans and budget grew a little and we thought we would get more use out of a log cabin, so a log cabin was ordered.

OH has been busy clearing a space in the garden and laying a concrete base. We took our time deciding on the best position for the cabin as we wanted to  capture as much sunlight during the day as possible, be able to see our beautiful view, see the sunset and hopefully in the winter see the northern lights.

On Saturday we unwrapped the very large package and started to work our way through this massive jigsaw puzzle pieces that would be our log cabin. We laid all the pieces out so we could work better, ie back wall pieces at back of base, side wall pieces at the side of base etc. and what happened?...... it rained! not just a shower but torrential rain with thunder and lightening! So there we were running about like loonies trying to find anything we could to cover all the timber pieces to help keep them dry.

I filmed a couple of wee time lapse videos of us working hard. 

The rain really held us back and the only thing we managed to do on Saturday was build the base frame.

We were up bright and early on Sunday and the sun was shining so building started, we worked hard as we needed to get as much done as possible. Near the end of the video I knocked the tripod over with a roof beam and didn't get it in exact same position and then because we were so busy I never noticed the battery in the camera had died.

We managed to get the front half of the roof on the cabin and the guess what?.....We live in Scotland and yes it's summer..... so it rained! Luckily we have a big tarpaulin to cover the back of the roofless cabin but this was not easy to put up in the wind and rain, but between us we managed.

Monday evening when OH came home from work the rest of the roof was put on

There's still some work to be done for it all to be finished, but I'll fill you in on that as it happens.

Yesterday morning it was raining AGAIN! So I grabbed my camera and went into the garden in search of some summer colour, a lot of the flowers are still in bud so I'm looking forward to them opening soon, but here's a few that are blooming at the moment.

A big daisy like flower, not sure what it's correct name is, but if you know please tell me.

delicate Love in the Mist

and finally my beautiful bright Lupins surrounded with buttercups.

What's in flower in your garden?

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