Monday, 23 May 2016

NEOS, Hares & #artvartist

As I said in an earlier post I've signed up to do NEOS (North East Open Studios) in September and I'm already thinking why oh why did I let my OH talk me into this! OH is being very encouraging and supportive and has started to prepare the garden where we are going to build a summerhouse/cabin that will be my studio for the event. He has made a start on thinning the trees a little and removing all the pampas grass (which I hate) from the garden at the front of the croft. We have decided to put it in this part of the garden because we will be able to see the beautiful view of the hills and the Loch. We've also made a start on making a few changes to the garden and we will be getting some plants and shrubs. I'm getting quite excited about the garden makeover as we never really use this garden, but hopefully once the summerhouse/cabin is built we will use the garden more when we have time to relax, we might even manage a few BBQ's on summer evenings.


As I've been busy with the garden and the house  not much creativity has been happening. I have found time however to paint a few dreamcatchers this week and have been experimenting with a few digital ideas. Hoping to get more creative work done this week and have some new prints in my shop in time for CRAFTfest on 10th-12th June.

I have always loved hares and have admired Carole Ann Halls paintings for a while now and at last got around to buying one. My colourful Fighting Hares is now framed and hung near my computer desk so I can see it while I work. You can find Carole on Facebook at Carol Loves Art and she also has a shop on Etsy Carole Loves Art

My Fighting Hares are hung underneath another hare painting which my OH bought a few years ago. This is a totally different style of painting but I've always loved this one too. This one was painted by Elinor Grieve, whose wildlife paintings are quite amazing. You can find Elinor on Facebook at Elis Art and she also has a website  Art by Elinor. Both artists Facebook pages/Etsy shop/website are well worth a visit.


Over on Instagram there was this thing going on called #artvartist so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon :) I discovered some amazing art and design creations and I'm now following a few more artists and designer. It was also great to receive lots of  'Likes' on my work and have some more new followers. 

Did you post a pic for #artvartist?

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