Friday, 18 March 2016

Photo to Art

I have countless folders of photos I've taken on my computer and I thought it was time for a little sort out and tidy up. Everything started off fine and I was deleting those photos that were not really worth keeping. Then there was the photos of people and places I miss, so tidying up slowed down as I dealt with memories and emotions. Then the tidying up stopped when I opened the photo below of the window in the Palace ruins in Dunfermline. 

I felt the urge to get creative, so Photoshop was opened along with my folders of textures and scanned in mono prints and sketches. I ended up with this little creation which is as yet untitled.

I feel this is a portal to another place, world, fantasyland or time..... or is it a portal to an emotion? the window to my soul or a window to my dreams? 

What is through the window? Who is through the window? What or who can we see?

It was good to get creative in Photoshop, I've missed it as I've been using Illustrator when I create my vector art. 

I've also had some fun with a few wee photo shoots with my wee photographic model Gregor. We had some snow so he put on his scarf and we went outside to play.

My oldest son suggested that wee Gregor should have a sword (my family all know how nuts I am lol), so a sword wee Gregor was going to get!I made him a sword and then I maybe I got a little carried away but here he is.............. wee Braveheart Gregor :)

Wee Gregor has his own album on Flickr called the Adventures of Gregor McGregor which I add all his photos to. He has washed his blue make-up off now, so I wonder what we will get upto next? He told me he wants to go surfing...........mmmm! well I'll see if I can arrange that for him sometime in the future

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