Sunday, 21 February 2016

Another Puffin

The 3rd puffin in my series of puffin prints is called Happy Landings which is available to purchase from my online shop as A4 and A3 prints. Greeting cards will also be added to my online shop by the end of this week. I'm so happy with how this has turned out and it's my favourite piece of artwork at the moment.

I had a few issues with my printer so have a number of  A4 Half Price Whoopsie Prints of Happy Landings. All good prints but the blue background was not printing the same as my other puffin prints. 

Printing issue has now been sorted but if you would like to purchase a half price print with FREE UK P&P just let me know here or over on my Facebook page. It will be a Lucky Dip which print you receive and you will also get a 10% OFF Discount Code to use in my shop. These can also be sent Internationally but I will need to charge for postage. Payment will be through PayPal.

I've had a week off from being creative as my daughter came to visit for a few days.  I then drove her back to Fife and stayed there for a few days so I could catch up with my family and friends. I've had a great week catching up with everyone and now I'm ready to get busy this week because Craftfest starts on Friday 26th till Sunday 28th Feb. 

Hope you all pop over to Craftfest and have a wee look around everyones stalls, theres lots of lovely creations for sale which are all made in the UK. Pop over now to Craftfest the Online Craft Fair and browse through some of the stalls and you can even start buying from most of them now too.

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