Friday, 16 October 2015

Keep Dreaming

I'm still designing and creating on my computer but I'm also trying to spend more time getting back to creating in more traditional ways again. This week it was the turn of my watercolours to come out in my creative space, they haven't been out for a long long time. What fun I had, music playing, standing drawing and painting with a wee dance thrown in too..... much to the shock of my 2 dogs who looked slightly traumatised by my weird dance moves :)

I thought I'd paint something quite easy to start with.......mmmmm did I say easy?

I gave the paper a colour wash background and then gradually built the dreamcatcher up from there. I am quite pleased with how it turned out, having said that though I am not happy with the stringing in the centre. I am going to try another dreamcatcher soon with better stringing

This week I have also added Wings of Change greeting cards to my shop (only 2 available)

and Cool Yule Penguin Christmas cards (larger the pack the cheaper they get)

Winter is definitely on its way now, the swallows have all left to go to warmer climates and the geese are gathering down on the loch, they are my alarm call in the morning when they fly over the croft to go feed for the day. Almost every morning now there's a chill in the air and the mist is trapped in the valley.

Yesterday it took till almost lunchtime for the mist to totally rise and vanish, but then we had quite a warm sunny blue sky day. I even  ate my lunch outside and managed a spot of gardening.

As the sun sets the chilly night air starts to close in again and it's time to get cosy in front of the woodburner.

We've also been having some beautiful clear star filled skies at night, so I'm thinking I should try a little night time photography. If this works out I will post pics here.

I've just remembered what is was that I forgot at the end of my last post lol There have been Red Kites in the area for a few years but now they are flying up over the croft. The buzzards in the area seem to gang together to frighten the Kites out of their territory. Such beautiful amazing birds I could watch them and the buzzards for ages.

Hows your week been?

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