Thursday, 3 September 2015

Thanks Fiona & Lin

It has been a wee while since I abandoned any of my art,  at the weekend I did a spur of the moment drop. I discovered in my bag a small ATC sized print of one of my sketchbook pages, it was left over from a previous day of drops. I left it in the supermarket Morrisons in Inverurie, Scotland. It was so spur of the moment I even forgot to take a pic and post it on the Art Abandonment Facebook pages.

So imagine my surprise when I got an email to the address on the label to say the wee piece of art had been found, also the finder, whose name is Fiona, had posted on the Art Abandonment pages. Fiona said "I'd love to find out who put it there, it really is a beautiful piece of art" and " I was so chuffed finding this piece of art, made my day!! Such talent xx"

I love art and I love to abandon art, but what makes it even more special is when you know the art has been found and the finder loves it too and you have made their day :) It is not very often that the finders let us know they have found abandoned art.

This is the photo that Fiona posted on the Facebook pages which was the start of a journey of discovery for me.

I wanted to post a photo of the original sketchbook page, when I outed myself as the artist, but I couldn't find it in the sketchbook that I thought it was in. Since moving house a year ago so many of my sketchbooks and college projects were still packed away in boxes! the unpacking and searching began...... box after after after page......but I couldn't find what I was looking for. I did however discover art that I had forgot I had created, it also brought back many happy memories of the friends that I had created designs and art with and also how I had been becoming more free,loose and confident with what I was creating. 

It made me realise that the only time I get my sketchbook out now is to quickly sketch ideas before creating something digitally. I had only had my paints out once in the last year to paint a small canvas which still sits waiting to be finished! Coincidently the canvas is painted in the same colour theme as the piece of art Fiona found.

So I would like to say a big "THANK YOU" to Fiona for her part in making me realise that I have been doing so much digital work lately, which I love, but I haven't really been incorporating any of my mixed media art into my digital art like I used to do. So I'm going to step back from the computer more often and get creative again with paints, inks and papers. I'm also setting myself the challenge (because I love a challenge) to become better with hand-lettering and have already enjoyed sketching ideas for a design I have in mind.

I did eventually find the the sketchbook page I was looking for yesterday morning..... and guess what?....... it was in the sketchbook that I had originally thought it was in...the first book I looked in........but the pages had stuck together :) it is, created using acrylics and inks it has textured parts and the light purple paint shimmers.

To finish off I'd also like to say "Thank you" to Lin at Redwood Gallery in Echt for having my Highland Coos print and  Coos and Puffins greeting cards in her gallery. All of my greeting cards she stocked sold which made me very happy, but sadly the Gallery is closing down on Friday. I wish Lin all the best for her future and thank you for being the first gallery to display my art.

Greeting cards and prints can still be purchased from my online shop or direct from me

.................and finally finally lol I'm still working on my new website design and adding new designs and art, hopefully this will all be ready to go live soon. Some of my older stuff can still be seen on my website though.

Right thats it I've finally finished gibbering on and I applaud and thank you if you got to the end of this post :)

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