Monday, 3 August 2015

Seagulls are ...

... in the news quite a bit just lately, because of their food thieving and occassional human attacking ways. Many people don't like them, but me, I love them them. Such a big bird, they always look clean and so white, I love watching them following the tractors ploughing fields. It seems it doesn't matter where you go there is always a gull flying around.

I took the photo below a few years ago on a visit to Fowlsheugh, I'd never seen, heard or smelled so many birds all together nesting on the cliffs. I also had my first sighting of puffins that day. Anyway this photo was my cover image on my personal Facebook page for a wee while and I felt it was time it had a facelift so I could use it again.

So after a wee bit of manipulation and some additional layers in Photoshop, it now looks like this.

I'm loving the colours and texture of the background, what do you think?

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