Saturday, 15 August 2015

Custom Orders...

..... I love them!
Here are just a few examples of some custom orders I have created for my customers.

Thank you cards for Leanne, using her baby girls foot prints to create a heart

Megan from University of Notre Dame wanted bunting featuring their football teams mascot for their after game celebrations

Jenny was having a party for her English boyfriend, so required the wording to be slightly changed on the bunting and cupcake flag downloads.

Then we have the same bunting file as above with another text change
and another text change

LeAnn was having a Dr Who themed wedding in Florida. I can't take credit for the L & D monogram as a friend of LeAnn's had already created this for her but I did create everything else.

 Letter flags to add with the Jubilee Bunting download to spell the name Ariel for Lisa
Cath Kidson colours for Mylien
Party tags for a going away party

I was also asked if I could create a file with just 1" Union Jack flags for Jill at Jills Cakes. Jill has a printer that prints with edible ink onto sheets of icing and she needed tiny bunting for a wedding cake. Can you believe this wonderful creation was the first wedding cake Jill had's absolutely amazing 

So as you can see the possibilities are endless, so if you need something created just for you please contact me.

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