Sunday, 5 July 2015

Busy busy busy...

so busy I haven't had time to blog for a few weeks, but I'm back now with lots to tell :)

I took a week off and drove south to Fife to visit my family and friends. I had a great time and didn't manage to fit everything in that I wanted to do but that's good 'cause it means I'll have to go back again soon. Catching up and spending time with all my grandkids (I've got 7) was the best bit and they keep me young.

Since coming home I've been doing a mixture of  more decorating when it's been raining (we've had a lot of rain) and gardening when it's been sunny.

My Highland Coo Heart Art greeting cards have been selling well in the Gallery, so I got to work creating some more heart art. This time I did puffins, I love these strange wee birds, they have such a sad looking expression and a comical wee walk. I'm very happy with how this turned out and will be getting greeting cards and A3 prints printed soon.

I've also had some Graphic Design work for a client that I had to keep quiet about until the event had been launched. So now I can shout about it..... I created the logo for the Mary Queen of Scots Festival which is taking place in Kinross, Scotland in September. You can find their Facebook Page here. Below are examples of how the logo could look on promotional items.

I've also just started working on another logo design for a client, that I'll show off when it's completed.

As I'm doing more design work at the moment I was thinking it was about time I got around to updating my website, but me being me have decided to give it a whole new look, so that will keep me busy once I decide what I'm going to do. My portfolio can be viewed on my website or more images for each project can be viewed in my Behance Portfolio.

One decision I have made though is to keep Ainjewelz online shop just for Craft and Party Downloads and open another online shop for my Digital and Mixed Media Art, where I will sell prints and greeting cards. Once this shop is open I'll announce it here :) I have made a start though and have a new Facebook page for my Graphic Design Services and Digital & Mixed Media Art, this can be found here. Please pop over and give me a 'Like' and  a share. Eventually my website, Facebook page and online shop will all have the same look, once I decide on a design I'm happy with......I'm so hard to please! I'm my own worst client lol
I'm also working towards having enough work to display and hopefully sell at a local Art and Craft Fair so it's a good job I love to be busy!

..... and finally the sun came out and we had a day out, of course Gregor McGregor tagged along

Taking in the sea air in Banff

I was so busy taking photos I never noticed Gregor down a can of lager lol

the sea at Gardenstone looked like the Mediterranean, but it was unbelievably windy.

Had a great day out and hope to go back to the north east coast with my camera again soon when I have time to take a day off.

Where have you been on your sunny days off?

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