Saturday, 6 June 2015

You can with a Canon!

While at college studying HNC/HND Visual Communications I completed a couple of units in photography, but over the last year I have become lazy and have just been using Auto Mode/Portrait Mode/Landscape Mode etc. So to refresh in my mind what I have already learned and to learn more I have signed up to do an Advanced Diploma in Photography with the Institute of Photography. I must add that anyone who knows me, knows I'm not frivolous with money, so I waited till there was special offer and the course was half price.  Now after parting with money I intend to learn as much as I can and hopefully become a better photographer.

The first practical assignment was to practise using Manual Mode, so off I went today to practise.
I took loads of photos today but these are my favourites.

Peeweeps Field

Fern Fronds

Policy Road


Fence Post Crazy

I also discovered today I have a 'thing' for fence posts, going by the amount of photos I've taken of different ones over the last few days lol Is this a side effect of living in the countryside?

Time now to settle down with my strawberries and a wee glass of chardonnay and await feedback from a tutor :)

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