Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Introducing Gregor McGregor

I'd like to introduce Gregor McGregor, farmer, photographic model and all round nice guy :)

Gregor McGregor

Just a bit of fun and Gregor is small enough to stow away in my camera bag as he is only 3 3/4 inches tall.


Flowers for the Mrs

Gregor now has his very own Album on Flickr called The Adventures of Gregor McGregor where I will be able to keep a record of all of Gregors wee adventures, so he better start having some. If you're as daft as me pop over to his album and see what he got up to today lol

I used to have a wee buddy called Morag, but when I moved house she decided to stay in Fife and moved into my grand daughter Ellies dolls house. I've heard runours that she now has a fireman living with her, hopefully I'll meet him when I next visit. I will of course be taking Gregor with me so he can meet other little people, he might end up staying with them in the dolls house and partying all night. Who knows what goes on with these little people when we're not looking lol

Morag (taken with my mobile)

Oh well if my family read this they will think I'm starting to lose the plot talking about little people lol, but Gregor will help me with my photography and I can't help it if I have an overactive imagination.

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