Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Yesterday was....

...... another one of those dull wet Scottish days, I keep telling myself Summer is on it's way and it will be worth the wait.
The fire was lit and I was working on my computer in the warmth (which is near a window) when out of the corner of my eye a flash of white caught my attention. The white horse in the field at the back of the house seemd to be lit up and just looked stunning against the dark miserable sky. I grabbed my camera and out I ventured into the cold, I even ended up sitting on the ground to get the right angle so it was just the horse and sky in the photo.

These were the 2 shots I was happiest with, both did have a little bit of trees in the background in the bottom left corner, which I removed using Photoshop where I also cropped them. Other than that the photos are just how they were shot.

I've signed up to The Institute of Photography to do their Advanced Diploma in Photography as I really want to learn more and use my camera better. So there will be plenty of photos being added to my Flickr Albums and here on my blog. I'm hoping to see improvements in my photography as I work my way through the course. Just need to find time to fit the course in around everything else I do, I never seem to have enough hours in my days, but I'm sure I'll manage somehow :)

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