Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Kelpies, Fairies, Stone Circle and Fish

At last it stopped raining and the sun came out yesterday (must add that its raining again today), it was a beautiful day and we weren't going to stay in the house. We'd heard that The Kelpies maquettes were at World Horse Welfare at Belwade Farm, I fell in love with these when I first saw them in 2009 at the Falkirk Wheel and then was totally blown away last year when I saw The Kelpies at the Helix in Falkirk. As OH has never seen either this was the first thing we were going to do.
Unfortunately the visitor centre, shop and cafe at Belwade Farm were closed on a Monday (which surprised us with this being a Holiday Monday) but the car park was full of people wanting to see the wee Kelpies, which we were all able to do. OH was impressed and said "they were bigger than he thought they would be and he can't wait to go see The Kelpies!"

***PHOTO ALERT*** as I had my camera with me most of the day there are a few pics in this post :)

I love the wee man looking up at the Kelpie ... Can you see him?....I'm thinking he is to scale to give you an idea of the size The Kelpies at the Helix

Also at the farm is a modern day stone circle

Some of the large stones had holes drilled through them...... was this where the explosives were put to blast the rock out of the quarry?........ I like the holes

Behind the stone circle is the Fairy Wood so we went for a wee stroll. Just last week I was looking at Fairy Doors and Gardens and have made a board on Pinterest as I was thinking of making some. So it was a nice surprise to find where the fairies live in the wood :)

I never saw any fairies but maybe thats because the  troll was out enjoying the sun

Home for a quick coffee and pizza and to let the dogs out and then it was time to go fishing out on the Lairds wee loch.

When we arrived at the loch we met Davie and his beautiful Hungarian Vizslas

It was a beautiful evening down at the loch

Our boat for the evening

and I caught a brown trout which was released so it can be caught another day

and OH caught one too :)

I also saw 2 deer, an Osprey, a red kite, geese, swans, ducks and trout jumping in the loch.
I had a great Bank Holiday Monday.
How was your day?

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