Thursday, 21 May 2015

Heart Art & Local Gallery

Not far from me is Redwood Gallery and Gifts, I pop in now and again to absorb the creativity that is on display and I follow their Facebook Page. They also organise Craft Fairs in the village, which I also love to attend and you never know one day I might even get around to having a stall.

Anyway a couple of weeks ago Lin had posted on the Galleries Facebook Page that she was having a Heart Shaped Art Exhibition at the Gallery and was doing a shout out for art of all kinds to be submitted. Lin had wrote "Submission is open to everyone, whether you're a professional artist, or keen amateur or student. Don't be shy...take a deep breath and go for it."

Well what could I do? there was some umming and ahing, but then I took that deep breath and decided not to be shy. I was going to do this!

I had less than 2 weeks till submission day so sketchbook was out and lots of quick heart shaped doodles started to appear.

I decided to go with this one....What is it?..... well I did say they were quick doodles lol

This is Highland coos! Can you see it now :) I have a real love for these creatures and they were going to be the Heart Art that I created. 

I spent hours totally absorbed in Adobe Illustrator creating my Highland Coos, which are now in the Gallery on display and for sale. A3 Prints (unmounted and unframed) can also be bought from my online shop or pm me on my Facebook Page.

While ordering prints of my Highland Coos I also ordered some greeting cards to be printed too and these can also be bought at the Gallery or from my online shop or pm me on my Facebook Page.

I thoroughly enjoyed creating Heart Art and have a few other quick doodley sketches that might see their way to being created digitally and printed.

If you're near Echt, Aberdeenshire pop into the Gallery for a wee look, they also have the worlds smallest tearoom (unofficially) there.

I'd love to know what you thing of my Highland Coos and if you'd like to see more Heart Art.

I had a quiet moment the other day so created a new profile pic (which looks nothing like me lol) for my Facebook page. The tartan was created in Adobe Photoshop and the character created in Adobe Illustrator. The tartan is going to be part of something else I'm working on at the moment, all will be revealed soon.

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