Monday, 25 May 2015

Dark Skies, Bluebells and Swans

Yesterday was a day for just going out with my camera for a while

*WARNING* photo rich post... but really only a small selection.

Summer still hasn't arrived yet and the sky at times was so dark, but I love big cloudy skies

I found some Bluebells that are still in flower

But the main reason I was out with my camera was I'd been told there was a flock of swans in a field near me, I have never seen so many swans at the same time. Sorry only 2 in this photo

I love the sound the swans wings make as they flew over me

and then how silent they can be as they glide in to land

I also found Mrs Swan sitting on her nest. Nearby was a heron but it flew off so fast before I could get a photo, I think I will go back here another day as I'm looking forward to seeing how many cygnets hatch.

A bit of a closer look at Mrs Swan

I took so many photos yesterday of all sorts of things, some of these will feature in another blog post soon.

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