Friday, 1 May 2015

Colour Me Mandala - A wee FREEBIE

Today started with a total creative block but I opened up Illustrator and started to play. I lost myself in the creation of a mandala and my creativity returned in bucket loads, so I'm smiling again :)

I created so many designs today and this is just one of them.

And because I'm so happy with all the work I've done today I want to share one of my mandalas with you. So here is an outlined version which you can print and colour in yourself, just click on the image below to enlarge and then 'save image as' to save to your computer to print (it print on to A4 paper, but if it looks big, just tell your printer to 'resize to fit')...... then get those pencils and pens out and lose yourself while you get creative too. 

I'd love to see how you've coloured it in, so feel free to share your creativity.

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