Sunday, 31 May 2015

Birth of a Llama

Yesterday was another one of those Scottish days where the sun was really trying to shine but the rain clouds were dropping their wet contents on us every now and again.

We decided to have a wee drive to Inverurie and Banchory to visit our favourite charity shops to see if we could find a few bargains, which we did, but the best part of the day was on our way home.

As I had my camera with me, on the way home I asked OH if we could go the way that takes us past the field with the Llamas, this was to turn out to be the highlight of the day. Luckily the rain had stopped so I started snapping a few photos of the Llamas.

But wait! what was that I could see a little further down the field? Was that tiny legs appearing? Spring has sprung! and a Llama was having a baby :)

.......and a Llama was born. Well it wasn't quite that quick and easy for mummy Llama but I don't want to bore you with the 200+ photos I took so I didn't miss a moment.

I love how the peacock appeared on the wall to see the new arrival. I actually lost count of the peacocks that would appear from behind the wall and walk across the field. A couple of other Llama's, maybe Llama Aunties, came over to welcome the wee one into the world and help mum clean her baby.

The wee one was gradually gaining strength and was able to sit and hold its head high. With a little encouragement from mum it was time for the wee one to find its feet.

There was many shaky attempts to stand and wobbly falls to follow

the wee one eventually managed to find its feet

So glad I went to see the Llamas and had my camera with me. Mother Nature is wonderful :)

and just to finish off a few photos of the peacocks. The first is from behind the peacock while he was showing off his beautiful tail feathers. This is an angle I've never looked at a peacock before, but I find it just as lovely as from the front and so interesting to see all the white spines of the feathers. The guinea fowl on the grass is not interested though.

Then the peacock turned around to show off his fine feathers as the guinea fowl flew off.

and then it rained again! but that couldn't dampen my day :)

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