Monday, 13 April 2015

Doon by the river

Been so busy lately decorating and trying to tidy up around the croft that a well deserved wee day off was called for.
Armed with my camera and Scottish countryside essentials, wellies, fleece and waterproof jacket, I headed off to the River Dee for some peace and quiet, fresh air, to just relax for an hour or so.

The gulls entertained me for quite a while swooping down to drink from the river and gliding just above it and twisting and turning.

Looking up the River Dee towards Banchory and down the river too, on a beautiful sunny day with a lovely blue sky but unfortunately there was a cold icey wind blowing down the river. The water was running quite fast but was beautifully clear. I heard a couple of fish jump but never saw them, there was also some ducks but these were to far away to get a good photo of.

There is an old seat under a tree, which was a lovely place to sit where I was sheltered a little from the icey cold wind. Next time I come here I will bring a flask of coffee and something to eat, as I really could of done with a warm drink.

The March Burn runs into the Dee and where it does the water was full of tiny little fish, so peaceful to just sit and watch. I was glad I was wearing my wellies as I could stand in the burn to get these photos

Feeling refreshed it was time to head back home with a quick stop off at Morrisons in Banchory for some essential supplies, Peach Tea and a bottle of Chardonnay.

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