Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Did I say summer was on it's way?

In my post on 21st April I did end it thinking that summer was on its way, but boy was I wrong. The 24th was a scorcher of a day and I was out gardening wearing a vest top and thinking 'yes this is great I will get the garden sorted over the weekend'.................unfortunately this was not to be, Saturday was cold and wet so we lazed about the house in front of a fire and watched a few episodes of Game of Thrones.

On Sunday it was still cold but we decided to drive to Lochty Adventure Centre to see if we could see the Osprey.

The osprey were both there and I think the female is sitting on eggs, to get a better view of them we went into the cafe for a coffee and a heat where we could watch the osprey on a big screen.

We had our cameras with us and had planned to just go for a drive and take photos, but because it was so cold..... and we are turning into wimps..... we decided just to head home.

As we drove the sky got darker and it began to rain

Then that snow?

Yes! thats snow starting to lay in the feilds!

So glad we got home in the warm and got the kettle on because the snow just kept falling. Has Mother Nature forgot this is suposed to be Spring?

Then on Monday the sun came out and there wasn't a cloud in the big beautiful blue sky. By late afternoon all the snow had melted and the road surface was bone dry again.

It's crazy how the weather can change so much in Scotland........... I forgot to mention the hail stones we had too.

My daughter's birthday was this week and as she love giraffes I quickly made her a giraffe pop-up card, which she said made her laugh

 Hand drew a cartoon giraffe and coloured it in with my Pro Markers

I've also found time to have a wee sort out of my craft stash and as usual have found things I forgot I had and really must use soon.

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