Thursday, 12 February 2015

Art Abandonment

I belong to a group called Art Abandonment, where artists from all over the world abandon art or something they have created for a lucky unsuspecting person to find. I have not abandoned anything for a while but last night I had the chance to abandon  2 of my digital art images in a local primary school. I placed them near 2 classes that are doing Space as a project. Children and teachers are on holiday at the moment, but teachers go back 2 days before the children. I wonder if a teacher will find them or a child when school starts again.

They have a label saying "Pick me up, Take me I'm yours, Hurry before someone else does" and also a label explaining what Art Abondonment is all about. There is also an email address if the finder wishes to send a message. To find out more pop over to Facebook, Art Abandonment and Art Abandonment UK.

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