Tuesday, 17 February 2015

A new arrival

Since Buzz sadly went to Rainbow Bridge I was adamant I would never get another dog, I couldn't go through the heart ache of losing another. I still have wee Shug and we have some great times, but I could see wee Shug was missing having a doggy companion and I felt that I was ready too for another dog. The decision was made to rehome a dog, but we wanted one as young as possible, with no real preference to breed but a border collie would be great. We looked at a couple of rehoming websites but there on the SSPCA website was a young border collie that had not had the best start in life.

To cut a long story short we we were given the the opportunity to rehome this pup if Shug got along with him and we could show him how to be a playful fun loving good behaving pup. So for the last week Shug and I have been going to see him, walk him, play with him and help to start teaching him right from wrong. He's still young and has a lot to learn, but with my guidance and wee Shug as a pal he will hopefully turn out to be as well behaved as Buzz was and how Shug is now.

Today he came home with us, so Shug would like to introduce you to his new pal Sam (whose name might change). I'm sure we are all going to have a lot of fun and good walks together :)

Shug and Sam playing in the garden

Beautiful proud wee Shug

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