Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Wow! this has been

..... quite an exciting week.
Sales from my shop have been picking up this week and its so exciting knowing people are buying something that I've designed.or made. I have been sending orders to UK, France, Australia and USA.... I'm international :)
I've added a new range to my shop of Clothes Peg Magnetic Note Holders (fridge magnets). My favourite ones are the Old Ordnance Survey Map design. These come in sets of 6 and will arrive to the customer in a cellophane wrapper, so are ideal to give as a gift. More designs will be getting added to my shop soon.

I have been working on a few ideas I've had and the other day was asked if I made bunting for babies, something that is in the pipeline and will also be coming soon.
I have also taken the plunge and added a few prints of my mixed media creations to my shop, not sold any yet but keeping my fingers crossed :)

Once again I have decided that my craft stash is taking over the house so I have made the heart renching decision to part with anything that has not been used or need in the last year. So when time allows I am slowly listing items on Ebay , most of what I am listing is brand get on over to  Ebay and grab yourself a crafting bargain.

The weather here for the last few days has been really sunny and hot, not normal for March in Scotland, but we're not complaining. We've had an evening fishing, where I caught nothing and my partner caught a wee trout, which was returned safely into the loch. We're even thinking of having a BBQ and this could happen tonight.

The farm across the lane from me has a new horse in one of their fields so off I went with my camera to get a few photos, the one below is my favourite, and what a lovely friendly horse this is.

Got lots to get through today, so off to be busy busy busy and creative

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