Wednesday, 28 March 2012

My view today..

...from my front of the croft, I can see for miles and miles. Put 3 photos together to try and get as much in as possible. It was so quiet here this morning only the sound of birds, the odd moo from a cow and my hens clucking and the cockerals doing their thing. Did I say it was quite? :)
I've had The Draymin playing full blast and I can sing and dance in the garden like a loony and no one can hear or see me, well they might hear me over at the farm lol (thats my exercise done for the day) but now I'm feeling a little homesick. Oh well! not long till I can get back doon to Fife. :)

Right I better get on with some of this work that needs done today and Ive got a wee parcel to post, so a walk to the village with the dogs is on the cards, or will I just drive?  :)

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