Wednesday, 21 March 2012

I really never realised.....

....... just how long it has been since my last post.So much has happened in that time, far far too much for me to waffle on about here to catch up. So we will just start from this week.
I go through phases of blogging every day to blogging once every couple of months. I am however, going to try and blog at least once a week from now on. How hard can that be? I could do it one evening at the weekend while having a wee glass of wine.

My shop on Etsy has been gradually getting stocked with my creations. I have so many ideas going around in my head, it's hard to find time to create them all. I have created a digital download range called Vintage Jubilee, which so far includes bunting, a craft paper pack, sheet of tags, an embelishment collage sheet and bookmarks. All of these are available to buy from my shop now and I will be adding a few other items to this range of the coming week.

I ham pleased to say that to date I have had 3 sales from my shop, with some others favouriting certain items and a few favouriting my shop. This is all quite exciting and I look forward to many more sales.

Mothers Day crept up on me quite fast, which meant making my Mothers Day cards was a last minute thing. For a while now I've been wanting to use stitching on some cards and found this to be the ideal opportunity. So I raided my ribbon and button boxes, and an old summer skirt and top are now in my scrap box to be used in such projects.

These cards were very much appreciated by the mothers that received them and I will be making more card using fabric and stitching to add to my shop.

Well thats all for now..... a little blog is better than no blog!
Got to go and get creative....
I wonder how long it will be till I blog again?  Friday? Saturday? Sunday? :)

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