Thursday, 1 December 2011

OMG! I've managed to blog 3 days in a row....

..... and this is so unlike me.
Yesterday I felt a little creative but just couldn't concentrate on anything, so I made a background in my art journal and because I was thinking about my grandkids I printed off their faces, stuck apples on their heads and just lost myself in doodles. This is just 5 of my grandkids, they are all brothers n sisters. I have another Grandaughter Ellie, who is going to get her own page in my art journal and I know just the face photo I'm going to use for her. I will post he doodle when it is completed.

The fungi on the log is still there, which I am very surprised about when there are 3 dogs running around outside and last night we had torrential rain and wild wild wind. They are slightly larger (I think!). I wonder how many more days they will survive? This is turning into fungi watch lol

Bertie the buzzard made his usual morning visit and then I spied him in the field across the lane, looks like he was eyeing up one of the local pheasants (not a great photo, I would love a better lens for my camera).

As it was quite a nice day I decided I would walk to the village shop with the dogs, taking the shortcut through the woods. This turned out to be not such a good idea, as I got to the end of the woods I met the local gamekeeper, there was going to be a pheasant shoot in the woods (poor pheasants) so I would have to walk the long way home. Oh well! I do need the exercise and it was a nice day for a walk and the dogs seemed to enjoy it. I also know now where there are some beautiful highland cows for me to photograph and I love highland cows. If I ever won the lottery
highland cows would be at the top of my to buy list :)

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