Monday, 12 December 2011

I'm back to my normal.... whenever I can fit it in. Three days blogging in a row last week was definetly a one off, I can't see that happening again :-)

I had ordered a couple of my mixed media creations to be printed on canvas a couple of weeks ago. They are now hanging on my walls in my art/craft/computer/dining room (multifunctional room). I used a different canvas print company than the one I've used previously. I liked their very reasonable prices, the chunky 3.8cm deep frame, good colour match, fast service and help with sending a large file. The only thing that I think that could of been better is the stretching of the canvas which I feel could of been a little tighter on the larger canvas (58cm x 58cm). I liked the option of having the sides of the canvas printed a colour, instead of the image being wrapped around the frame, I chose black which was perfect for this image.

The Morning Sun mixed media canvas print (58cm x 58cm)

The other canvas I had printed at A3 size (29.7cm x 42cms), this too looks good with the chunky 3.8cm deep frame, I opted to have the image on the sides of the frame mirrored and this works really well with this design.

The Red Butterfly mixed media canvas print (29.7cm x 42cms)
This definetly needs a better title :-)

I will definetly use Viva Print & Design Ltd again .

After creating a page in my Art Journal last week featuring my grandsons and their sisters, I found time at the end of the week to create another page featuring my grandaughter Ellie Louise, just a bit of fun which is now my festive desktop background on my computer.
I was getting worried about Bertie the buzzard, as I hadn't seen him for 5 days and he is getting to be a familiar sight on his post outside the croft, but he is back and looking well. The dogs running around the garden don't bother him, he know he's safe up there. I love watching him, he is so graceful when he flies, I threw him a sausage the other day but he just looked at me as if I was mad. Just wait till the snow arrives Bertie, I bet you'll be thankful for a sausage then :)

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