Wednesday, 14 December 2011

I made some....

....Christmas decorations today as I thought I better start making this house look a little festive. I started by printing off my Christmas designs onto card, plain colour on one side and a christmas tree pattern on the other side, these are available at Ainjewelz shop on Etsy.

I then cut circles using various size punches, sewed them in a strip on my sewing machine. I left enough thread to make a loop at the top and enough thread at the bottom to thread on a couple of beads and tie in a knot. I've hung these at the end of my curtain rails where they spin in the rising heat or is it the draughts in the house :)

I also made some bunting from the same designs to hang along the front of my dresser. I punched small holes in the card triangles and threaded them onto string. As I had a few circle leftover from my other decorations I stuck these on to a couple of the triangle flags.
I'm quite pleased with how these have turned out and I have a few more ideas that I'm going to try out later, but I really must get the rest of my Christmas cards made and sent out.

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