Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Chance of a spur of the moment....

..... visit to Fife happened on Thursday evening. Did I want to go visit my family on Friday or not? A free lift there on Friday morning if I was in Aberdeen for 8am and a lift back on Monday. I haven't seen my kids and grandkids for a couple of months so I really didn't have to give this much thought. So on Friday morning I was off to Dunfermline to start my visit. I had a great weekend seeing family and friends, even found time to pop into Carnegie College for a quick visit with a couple of my ex-tutors. I loved catching up with all my grandkids, they all seem to be growing up so fast. On Saturday evening we went along to Dunfermline Glen to watch the firework display, which for once was on a dry mild evening and was quite spectacular. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. It was great to see everyone and quite tiring so I was glad to get home again on Monday evening.

All work on getting my Etsy shop up and running was put on hold while I've been away so now I have to get myself motivated and get back to work. I have so many ideas but so few hours in the day. Today has just seemed to fly by, went for a drive and posted some Ebay stuff, but mainly to try and get used to the car. Caught up with emails, read a few interesting blogs by local creative ladies that had been at the Vintage and Craft Fair in Aberdeen at the weekend, put my fireworks video on Youtube and turned my craft room upside down looking for my vanishing cutting mat, which has still not been found.......might need to go and buy a new one tomorrow :)

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