Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Yesterday was .....

.... the day I managed to tick another thing off my mental list of things I'd like to achieve (before I leave this world lol). Yes! at long last I got around to learning to drive and yesterday I passed my test. I never thought I would be driving around Aberdeen but there you go, I have achieved it and I'm so pleased with myself..... *going around doing silly little happy dances with a big cheesey grin on my face* .... Just to get insurance arranged on the car and me and the dogs will be out and about..... no stopping us now :-)
Not much art or craft been going on here but all my plans are slowly coming together now and my Etsy Shop will be opened soon.
Still trying to clear out some of my craft stash as there is so much I have not used in the last year and don't think I will use so these thing are getting listed on Ebay. If your looking for a crafty bargain pop over to . I should really stay off Ebay as I keep seeing things I want to buy, I'm watching some fabric at the moment that would make lovely cushion covers :) not that theres anything wrong with the cushion covers I have, but this fabric is nice. Then theres the fabric that would make lovely more looking on Ebay for me just now, even though I need to make a start on a complete make over of this house as I would like some of it done before Christmas
My head is just bursting with ideas at the moment, but I just seem to have enough time to do everything, I really must try and get more organised. Right I'm away to write a list of everything I must do, this one will be on paper not just a mental one :)

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