Thursday, 20 October 2011

Busy busy..... very busy! I feel like I haven't stopped over the last couple of weeks, I am really trying to get everything tidy and organised. Don't think I'm trying hard enough though as I'm still working in organised clutter. Since moving here there have been quite afew of my craft supplies that I have not used and don't think I'm going to so I have been listing a lot of these on Ebay and there are still plenty more to be listed. If your interested in bagging a bargain pop over to .

I've also decided to open a shop on Etsy and try to sell some of my creations. I tried to think up a new name for my shop but everything I came up with that I liked, there was already a design company called that, so for now I will still be going under the name of Ainjewelz. I have been busy designing some digital download printables, which I have had so much fun with and once I have sorted out my T&C's these will be uploaded to my Etsy shop along with some other creations of mine. My head is full of so many ideas at the moment so hopefully I will manage my time better so I can get creating.

I am trying to always have my sketchbook with me and I'm forever jotting down notes, quick sketches and doodling. It seems to be paying off as my faces are getting a little better and I'm trying to be looser with my pencil strokes. Anyway the sketch below was done yesterday morning when I woke up while still in my bed, just a quick couple of minutes sketch and I am quite pleased with it. So different from my usual faces :-)
Well that is all for now, better get a bit of housework done and dinner cooked 'cause I've just rememered I've registered for a webinar this evening on drawing.

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