Wednesday, 10 August 2011

This summer....

...... weather is about the worst I can remember! I know I live in Scotland but does it have to rain quite so much, just a couple of weeks with some sun would be great and cheer everyone up. This morning when I looked out my front door the Hill of Fare was peeking above the clouds that were trapped in the valley. So out came the camera and while eating my breakfast I had a wee play in Photoshop. The first image is the original photo but cropped to remove a electricity pylon and then the electicity cables that went across it were removed using the clone tool......Electric pylons and cables are the only things that spoil my view from my front door! Oh and the rain!!! I can't see any of the other hills that are in the distance today.
I then played about with colour in Photoshop
and then I gave the image a vintage look using an action which was a free download from here

The rain is just not letting up today and my view is slowly dissapearing in the mist, I can no longer see the Hill of Fare, just the field on the other side of the fence. I also now have the wood burning stove lit as the house feels cold and this really summer?
Craft room is warming up now so its time to get creative, what will I get up to today?

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