Sunday, 31 July 2011

I came across this.....

collage making program while I was looking for something else this morning. You can download the free version from Shape Collage and it does stuff like this :-)
Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day so we went for a wee trip up to Portsoy, another place I have not been for years. We popped in to see an old friend of Frankies in his amazing antique shop full of chandeliers, grandfather clocks and large pieces of old furniture, all far too big for our higgildy piggildy hobit house. I could of stayed in there for hours rummaging about the place. We sat at the habour watching a mother duck and her 7 chicks swimmimg about, which I thought was a strange thing to see in a harbour, but they all seemed to be enjoying themselves. Below is a collage of a few snaps I took while at Portsoy

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