Friday, 29 July 2011

At last.....

....I've got round to updating my blog again. Its been a few months since I was last here and quite a lot has been happening, far too much for me remember but a few thing are;

We went to see Rush in Glasgow and they were absolutely amazing, just as good if not even better than they were when I last saw them in 1979. Geddy Lee still jumps about the stage like he did 30 years ago and his voice still has that magic that mesmerized me as a teenager. Neil Peart's drum solo was out of this world and the guitar playing was loaud and awesome. We had a brilliant weekend and an evening with Rush and Rush fans that we will never forget.

On the way home from Glasgow we took a different road than usual and went over the Cairn O' Mount where I found the old ruined cottage that I had been talking about a few weeks earlier and saying how I had happy memories of it and my kids but had no idea where it was. We went round a bend in the lane and there it was with the wee river running in front of it, so we had to stop and take some photos in the rain. We have been back to see it again on a beautiful sunny day, I feel drawn towards this place, I wish I knew its story. I have done a wee bit of research and now know it is called Spittalburn Cottage and through the census I know who lived in it for a while. When I have more time I will research further. I have also been getting creative again and a few journal pages are below

The next page was a promt from Milliande Art Commuinty for Women to create a page inspired by Teesha Moore, I just love her style and really enjoyed creating this page.

The next page didn't turn out as good as I imagined it, a free bookmark that came with my Pedlars catalogue got me started on this.

I was practising faces again but all my faces seem to look the same, just have to keep practising. When I finished this I thought it looked quite sad, but then I was feeling sad as I created it as I was missing my family in Fife.

I have been to Fife to visit my family for a weekend, but a weekend is just not long enough. It was quite an adventure as I travelled by train, something I have not done for years. I'm hoping to get to visit them all again very soon and I'm looking forward to the train journey. To finish of I will leave you with my favourite photo of my grandaughter, who is growing up so fast. I can't wait till my next visit to see all my grandchildren.

One day I might surprise myself and be a better and more frequent blogger, right I'm off now to walk the dogs........

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