Wednesday, 2 March 2011

I'm still playing....

..... catch up with the January Art Journal prompts. I just never seem to have enough time, the days just go by so quickly. I wish I could just get up in the morning and draw, paint, stick, create all day every day, but life just gets in the way :-)
So here we have days 23 and 24, 'Round and Round' and 'Paper Poems' .........

here is a slide show of the Art Journal Pages I have done so far

I have also been playing around in Photoshop and made a new desktop image with my grandaughter Ellie in her elf costume sitting on a toadstool in the forest. She is just the cutest wee scrummyest wee munchkin and I miss her lots n lots.......hoping to get away for a wee visist very soon to see all my family

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