Tuesday, 8 February 2011

I just don't know.....

..... how some people have the time to blog every day! I never seem to have a spare minute, I am always doing something. I hear people I know say they are bored, but this is something I can say I don't think I have ever been, I've far too much that I want to do. So I never have time to be bored.
Since moving to the country I am getting back into the kitchen and enjoying cooking again, I have now mastered the art of breadmaking after many years of failed attempts and love the smell that wafts through the croft when my bread is in the oven. I still miss my family being near, thanks to technology ie. mobile phones, email, instant chat and Skype I can stay in touch and feel closer to them.
I'm still playing along with Milliande's Journal January but have severally fell by the wayside here as I just never get round to doing a page every day. I have now started to get through the prompts, but not always in the order they were given out lol
So below are my pages for Crossword Puzzles, Stripey Dragonfly, Daily Debris, Taking Lines for A Walk, Favourite Number and Your Front Door.
Favourite Number was done digitally, as I need to keep up my Photoshop and Illustrator skills, which have been a little neglected since I moved to the country. I am hoping to get back to college this year, but if it doesn't happen then like I always say "it wasn't meant to be, because my life is taking me down another path". So I will just have to wait and see what happens and which path I end up going down :-) ...... Also I don't really have a favourite number so I chose 49 'cause thats my age, which by the end of this week I won't be! ........ I'll be 40-10 or 50 as most folk would say. It's just a number and I feel like 20 it's just my body that is starting to age lol
Well got to go now as my bread is ready to go into the oven and I've a quiche to make, as my wee sis is working in Aberdeen this week and is going to attempt to find our croft and have dinner with us tonight. I love getting visitors!
So till the next time its goodbye from me :-)

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