Friday, 14 January 2011

its been a very long time.....

.... since my last post and so much has happened. I've seperated from my husband of 26 years with the intention of getting a flat and carrying on my studies at college doing Computer Arts and Digital Design. Chatting with a friend on Facebook I discovered my boyfriend from 30 years ago was not dead (long story) as I had thought but alive and well. To cut a even longer story short, he phoned, we met, it was just like we'd not been apart and I now live happily with him in his croft in Aberdeenshire, with my dog Buzz, his dog Dan, a pup from my last litter called Shug, 7 chickens and a cockeral. College has been put on hold but I'm thinking of applying to Aberdeen College this year. So very big changes in my life!

While settling into my new home I haven't been very creative as most of my art/craft stuff was in boxes (some still is) till I could decide which room I would like to be creative in. When I say not creating, that is a bit of a lie because I have done some decorating, re-arranging lots of furniture, baked cakes and bread and created some wonderful meals that are very appreciated, I have also been taking lots of photos and taken up the hobby of fishing lol.............. Frankie does woodturning and is going to teach me..... so that will be another creative hobby I will have :-)

Just like last year I have started to do Milliande's Art Journal January to get my creative juices flowing again, I'm finding it hard to fit in but I am determined to do a page for every prompt that Milliande sets. I have only done 4 days and Milliande is on day 14, but hey ho I will get all the days done as I am enjoying it. So here are the pages that I have done far...................

I'm hoping to be a better blogger and get back into regular blogs, but we will see how things go and what time I have :-)

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