Monday, 4 January 2010

I have been feelin......

....quite creative over the last week, as in get yourself messy with paints and other stuff creative. I had planned to do some tutorials for Photoshop and Illustrator for going back to college.... but no! ......the call of the paint was far too strong and the glue was screaming out that it wanted to come out to play. I've been watching Youtube videos by Milliande and been on her website and thought I would follow and join with her and her art community in making an Art Journal. Now I don't know how long I will do this this, as life always seems to get in the way and there is never enough hours in the day for me to do everything I want, but I have made a start.......

The cover of my Art Journal

one of the pages

and a double page spread

Because of the creativity thats been going on my craft room now looks like this.............

I have tried to tidy up as I go along, but then I just need stuff again and it comes out and get shoved to the side till I need it again. I know where everything is.......just need a bigger room and table :-) eclectic creative caos = MESS!!! I haven't bought any new craft stuff for what seems like ages and I am making myself use what I have even though I do have an ever growing list of art/craft materials that I would like. It is like an addiction, I'm going cold turkey on this and I haven't bought anything for 4 weeks now..............not even a sheet of paper or card......I'm so proud of myself lol
While tidying my craftroom (I really did do it a least 3 times) I came across my altered art slide mailers which I have put in my photobucket album here for anyone to see. I still have some blank slide mialers and I'm hoping to find the time (I don't know when) to alter them too.
Now I have a wee dilema!!! OH has said he would buy be a Craft Robo or a Wii waistline is definetly saying Wii Fit .... I sit on my arse far too much on my computer and I think he is secretly hoping I choose that as it is cheaper....but the creative and technical me is screaming Craft Robo Craft Robo I wanna Craft Robo ....just got to think is it really worth the money, will I use it to it's full potential, is it just a passing whim on my part to want one, will I be dissapointed if it doesn't live up to my expectations....need to think about this seriously and fast or I could end up with nothing lol

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