Tuesday, 29 December 2009

The one and only....

Christmas card that I got round to making this year was for the tennants of Calum McDonald court, where I used to work.
I had a brilliant day with them, when we went for our Christmas Dinner at Garvock House Hotel and then back to Calum MacDonald Court for the Christmas Party. Santa and Mrs Clause even turned up with pressies for everyone.

I managed to get all my college work handed in a wee bit early, so this gave me a few extra days holiday, I just hope I pass. This was great as it meant I could go and see my grandson Kian play a shepherd in his nursery nativity.

Then we had loads of snow and it has been freezing................ bbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrr my dogs and chickens are not too keen on the snow......come to think of it neither am looks nice for the first day but after that I just wish it would go away and warm up.........bring on summer!!!

The snow is still here but it is frozen solid and is as slippery as a bumpy ice rink.

Christmas was great this year with a big family dinner at my mums, 15 of us. It's been a while since we were all together. I have ate and drunk to excess and my waistline is telliing me to stop, but there are too many goodies left in the fridge that I must finish off. When the fridge is empty then I will maybe start to think about losing some pounds. :-)

Some of my college work can be seen here

Oh and how could I forget, I am going to be a gran again. This time it is my youngest son Sean and his partner Katie who are having a baby. I'm so excited, just look at their 15 week scan.
I wonder if it will be a wee girl this time or another wee boy?
It doesn't matter what it is, I'm just so looking forward to another grandchild arriving.

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